Dominator Bundle

Dominator Bundle

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Your Ad Bundle Includes
4 Print Ads
6 Months of Online Banner Ads
3 Month of E-newsletter Ads (Every Tuesday & Friday)
3 Months of Social Media Ads
1 Business Reply Card
1 Sponsored Content Ad
1 Yearlong Online Buyer’s Guide Listing

Your Ad Will Run In These Products
McCall Life Magazine (Print & Digital)
McCall Life Website (
McCall Life Week-Ender E-newsletter
Facebook, Twitter & Instagram Feeds

Your Ad Includes These Lead Gen Products

Visual Leads
Readers request info by clicking on a photo of what you're advertising that month. Leads emailed immediately upon request to the contact you designate. You’ll be provided with a real-time, auto-updating URL that captures all of your leads in a downloadable Excel file.

Digital Leads
Mobile App and Digital Edition ads are hyperlinked to your website and/or email address. Leads come directly to you. You’ll be provided with a real-time, auto-updating URL to track your impressions and clicks.

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