McCall Life is putting together a Winter Highlight Reel featuring our favorite part of McCall: YOU!

It can be cell phone footage, drone footage, GoPro footage or hand-drawn cartoons. No experience required. No editing required. Send us your video and we’ll handle it from there.

To turn all of this good stuff into something awesome, we’ve hired Chop Shop Media - production company for Burton, RedBull, ARC’TERYX, SnapChat, Crankworks and Cody Townsend’s Fifty Project.

If your footage is chosen, you’ll be interviewed and featured in the film which will be shown at a season kick-off party here in McCall.

We’re not saying you’re going to be famous, but, you know, you might become famous. ☺

McCall Life Town Edits - Through The Years...

Upload Your Footage Before August 1, 2024